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About the team

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Twitter: @magnaceltae

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Jeff King

Jeff King founded Magna Celtae with the goal of promoting Celtic history and culture. In addition to keeping the publication up-and-running, Jeff also writes for Magna Celtae.

Instagram: @magnaceltae

Arienne headshot 2.jpg

Twitter: @birdcageofthemuses

Web Design & Managing Editor

Arienne King

Arienne King manages the website and user interface of Magna Celtae, and edits its online publications. Arienne also edits Celtae, Magna Celtae's magazine.

Instagram: @birdcageofthemuses

jordaan headshot.jpg


Social Media Editor

Jordaan King

Jordaan King is the social media manager for Magna Celtae, and works to promote the publication by reaching new and diverse audiences.


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